Monday, June 30, 2008

Kiln and Whistles

I've been steadily working in clay whistles, four holes. Most are coming out now. Last night I made one and the first time I poked the mouthpiece it worked. Then I did something and it stopped tooting. It took about 1/2 hour of working on it before it worked again. What happened? I dunno.

I have the kiln running today (into the night). I spent most of the day glazing a bowl. Yes. A Bowl. One. One very big bowl. It was tedious. But it was also relaxing. I was trying to be meticulous in getting the glaze 'in' the lines. I think I did well but the kiln will show up if it really was a good job or not.

... and here is the final glazed whistle. I am extremely critical of how it sounds. I prefer to barely blow into a whistle and hear sound, with this I have to make really give a good puff. The four finger holes are useless. I can't hear a pitch difference when holding any of them down (or up) ... I really do like the design, however.

How big is it? It fits easily into the palm of one's hand. Click on the photo for a closer look and hey, thanks for looking!

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