Sunday, November 02, 2008

Malindi Crocs

You may be wondering why there is a pair of shoes on a pottery blog. I'm certain the suspense is overwhelming...or is it? This weekend is the Texas Pottery and Sculpture Guild sale at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center. I am the sales chairperson this year and I have to be there the entire sale. I got to thinking about what all that could mean in regards to my feet and so today I went and bought these comfy Crocs.

I am more into comfort than fashion and while part of me would love to scream all day about how these ARE fashionable, I know in my deepest heart of hearts that they are really quite hideous. However, with long dress pants only the most observant will be able to tell and since I'm not big into what people think ... who cares? It's a fact. I will be wearing these shoes to church from now on. My hubby has a business dinner in a few weeks, formal. I'm wearing these. Or maybe the high heels that I found here.

I already own a pair a Crocs and wore them exclusively all summer long. I have been wondering if there could ever be such a thing as comfy dress shoe Crocs. Also there are now waterproof Crocs which can be worn during the rain. I NEED THOSE!!!

I am probably the biggest Croc fan out there ... and that's no crock(pot)!

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  1. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Those French Riviera Crocs are the most comfortable things I own!