Thursday, December 04, 2008

Swap Peek

The Beads of Clay yahoo group that I'm a member of is having a Bead Swap and they are a lot of fun. Last beads swap I probably shouldn't have participated -- I liked the beads I sent but they were not anything that I thought out ahead of time. They simply fit the theme and so I used them. This time I have a bit more extra time and was able to put much more time into the project.

I guess I prefer making round beads to pendants. I tend to go blank with a flat space but round (to me anyways) has so many more possibilities. The clay that I am working with is very old and plastic as it has sat in the reclaim bin wet for a number of months. It was perfect to use for this type of bead.

I have these in a covered container and will let them dry slowly. If I let them dry in the open air the added coils will dry too quickly and crack. How do I know that? I tried this technique on some beads before and that's what happened.

In any event, here they are and I should have them finished in the nick of time.


  1. These are so beautiful just like that with no glaze!

  2. Thanks! I love the look of this wonderful plastic not quite dry clay.

    I read somewhere that the beautiful of a salt firing was that it would retain this yummy look and feel. So now I'm thinking, "Where can I do/find/participate in a salt firing".

    Maybe my professor at college will have a salt firing or something next semester. I think I'm going to make a note and ask about it.