Saturday, December 05, 2009

Two Dinnerware Patterns (2009-2010)

I suppose I should be mortified that it has been so long between postings. I'm not really. I've been busy in the studio, too busy to post anything or do anything but create, list items, and go to the post office.

I've been working mostly on pottery, my In The Garden series and Carved Porcelain series. The In The Garden series starts out with a porcelain mug or bowl or plate that has been bisque-fired (cone 04) and decorated with a black under-glaze to simulate plant life. Then it is dipped in a clear glaze and fired to maturity (cone 10). The next step is to affix a decal that I have drawn of a daisy character and put it back into the kiln at a lower temperature (cone 04) than the first firing. The last step is to affix colorful commercial decals which fire at a lower temperature (cone 015).

The cone 10 firing sometimes leaves beautiful red splotches on the porcelain in various places, which add to each piece's uniqueness.

This is not quite so labor and firing extensive. Basically I throw the piece, let it dry to leather-hard, cut out a foot (most times), and then I hand trim to as thin as possible on the bottom without cutting through the piece. It's very relaxing actually and I enjoy the rhythm. This is then bisque fired (cone 04), glazed and refired (cone 10)to bring out the texture.

I like each of these patterns for different reasons, one of which is to explore texture, color, and form. I'm going to continue making these patterns in my home studio with cone 5-6 porcelains and glazes. This frees me up to experiment and grow at school.


  1. Beautiful bowl Natalie. Sounds like a great process.

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