Thursday, July 26, 2012

Online Fundraiser Auction of Mugs

And this mug to the left is also being auctioned.  It is available until noon today. However, there are lots more to come.  Here is a webpage of the upcoming mugs:

Here's where to go to view the auction:

Here is the previous article I wrote about why we are holding the auction:

Do you want to place a bid?  Simply leave a comment with the price you want to bid under its photo.  If you win I will send you a Facebook message asking for your name and address and I will ask you at that time whether you prefer paypal or if you want to send me a check.   I hope that makes sense. If it doesn't, please ask.

There are still 17 more mugs waiting to be fired at the local college where I take ceramic classes.  I went by there yesterday to see if they were finished and they haven't had a firing yet. They have a small class and are still trying to fill up the kiln. 

I guess that's all for now ....thanks for stopping by!  -- Natalie

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