Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Website Updated

The Fall Fashions are updated on the Website. The October Texas Pottery & Sculpture Guild show went phenominal this year. Lots of people came and it was great to meet everyone. And a special thank you to all who purchased my pottery, necklaces, and beads.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Rustique Art

These lovely crosses are from Rustique Art, which highlights some of my own beads. If you have time take the link above and browse through some of the prettiest artwork I've seen showcased on the internet.

Cindi Albright, artist and owner of Rustique Art, specializes in unique, handcrafted Christian gifts, jewelry and wall art, known as Jewelry For Your Home."

Incorporating the art of wire sculpting and wrapping with
beautiful gemstone, glass, crystal, metal beads, vintage jewelry and an occasional piece of discarded treasure, a wall cross of heirloom quality is designed and created.

Every Rustique Art wire cross design is handcrafted.
Machines are not used to bend, twist or shape the wire
crosses including the Barbed Wire Crosses.
Stone wrapped steel crosses are cut using a precision die
cutting process.

Rustique Art Jeweled/Beaded Wall Crosses are unique
because of the different types of wire used. Once the wire is
handcrafted into a cross form, it might be painted, rusted or
remain natural. The design, color pallet, and style is chosen.
Then begins the tedious process of sewing on each bead by
hand. Every cross is unique and will not be duplicated.
Therefore, you are assured that your cross is an original.

If you're an artist who has incorporated some of my beads into your jewelry or artwork, please email me photos and your website. I'd love to showcase it.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Decal Beads

Green Snakeskins

Green Snakeskins, originally uploaded by nkpdesigns.

These are currently up for auction at Just Beads (www.justbeads.com). Go here to bid:


Fresh Out of the Kiln #1

Fresh Out of the Kiln #1, originally uploaded by nkpdesigns.

Here's the new stuff!

Fresh Out of the Kiln #2

Fresh Out of the Kiln #2, originally uploaded by nkpdesigns.

Finally ... it works! When one way doesn't work, try another!

Bead Slideshow

Watch this slideshow to view all my current beads that are for sale. So far all beads are $5 each, except for the decals which are $7. Shipping and handling is free.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

July 1st: Bluebonnet Circle Show @ Heliotrope

If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, please come to the art show on July 1st in the Heliotrope Gallery parking lot. Many artisians will be there including myself.

I will be bringing pottery and beads -- lots and lots of handmade designer beads (made by myself of course)!

Take HWY 30 to University, go south until you get to Bluebonnet Circle. Look for the artists on the east side of the circle.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Kiln Showing #2

These sunny green apple beads came out of the kiln yesterday. Apple green is one of my favorite colors.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Fresh Out of the Kiln

I started on these handbuilt platters a few months ago and they sat on the shelf as greenware, then they sat as bisquewear and finally I sanded and glazed them. I love how they came out.

Click on the photo and you will see a larger picture where you can see the texture that is on the bottom two platters.

I'll be putting these to the July TS&PG show.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Merry Men Beads

These Merry Men beads are Toas Red clay covered with a clear zinc free glaze.

Saturday, May 13, 2006


Ever since I saw Melanie's teapots I have been wanting to make some myself. They are absolutely adorable, and in my late 20's I remember I had a lovely collection of teapots.

I don't anymore because we just don't have the room in this small house of ours -- but with teapots THIS size I could collect as many as would fit into a shoebox. This teapot bead is about an inch tall.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Little Ol' Man

I really like this tiny sculpture of this little ol' man. I made a few more and each one came out different.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What Have I Been Doing?

I have NOT posted in too long. I've been busy filling orders, making new bead designs, as well as fixing up a new kiln that was given to me.

I can't test the elements of this new kiln until I get the stand -- and I won't get the stand 'til next week. Then I will put in a kiln sitter 'cause I hate having to check, check, and recheck. Easier just to let it shut off when it is done!

But I was looking at the elements and everything looks like it is in really GOOD shape. This means in the summer when the kiln takes 2 days to cool down that I can get a second batch going in a hurry. This kiln is also a 34 amp and my Olympia is a 30 amp. So I get to play around with all that means too.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Bisqued Beads

This past week was spent doing not much else besides measuring out and rolling clay. I ended up with hundreds and hundreds of bisqued beads and now am offering bisqued beads to my customers.

There are four sizes: Small(12mm x 15 mm), Medium(15mm x 17 mm) , Large (17mm x 20 mm), and Extra Large (20mm x 22 mm).

Bisqued beads are great to buy even if you don't have a kiln. Acrylic paints and stains look great on a bisqued bead -- and to make them even shiner add a coat of gloss sealer. There are also paints specifically made for bisqued ceramics. Your local ceramics shop can show you around or you can search for the term "ceramics" and order online. I've even glazed bisqued beads with nail polish and even after several years have seen no signs of aging, chipping, or turning "yellow". Art Clay Silver artists cover bisqued beads with Fine Silver with beautiful results.


Friday, February 10, 2006

New Items

This is one of the ammonites I brought home from Tuscan. We put it under a black light and they all glowed, some blue, others green, this particular ammonite fluoresed a wonderful pink glow. Who knew?

These came from Canada and I plan to wire wrap them and offer them at shows, and possibly on Just Beads (www.justbeads.com) as well.

Sorting through the various buys at Tuscan has taken me a few days. Plus, I decided to rearange my entire studio (my version of Spring Cleaning). All those little piles of clutter are now gone.

Before I left for Tuscan I went to American Ceramics (see link on side of blog under "Where I get my Raw Materials") and took a class on Fused Glass Jewelry. It was a two day workshop and I learned a ton of stuff about fusing glass, and how to program my jewelry kiln properly in order to come out with a consistant (and beautiful) piece of art. This is a piece I wirewrapped and added three faceted 8 mm florite beads into the wrap.

But before Tuscan, before the Fused Glass Jewelry Class, the Pottery Guild had Merlene Walker do a mini-demonstration on Art Clay Jewelry. It was phenominial. She gives affordable and quality classes. Her website can be found here:

Also new is a new webpage where I am posted some Limited Edition Beads. It can be found by clicking here:

I will be adding to this page, as well as making a few more in the days to come. I'm also toying with putting together some bead kits, with some of my limited edition beads with complimentary gemstones and findings, enough to put together a necklace, bracelet, and two pairs of earrings (post and hook).

Also new are my auctions over at Just Beads (www.justbeads.com). I'm adding one a day. Look in the ceramics area:
http://www.justbeads.com/listings/index.cfm?category=737225558 )

Look for NKP DESIGNS in the subject line. I'm offering some beads at prices lower than on my website. Plus, instead of an order having to total $10, this is a good way to try out some beads at some bargain prices.

Happy Jewelry Making!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Tuscan 2006

Although I am not yet back in Fort Worth, I am finished touring Tuscan's Gem & Mineral shows. This was my second time to visit Tuscan. The first year I was not able to make it to any of the bead shows. That's what happens when you are not the driver. This time I smartened up and made use of the mighty shuttle system that is offered and map in hand, made it to two bead shows: To Bead True Blue and The Best Bead Show.

I met a couple of ladies from the Beads of Clay Yahoo Group (www.beads-of-clay.org) and it was wonderful to hold their beautiful beads in person. I regret by the time I got to the bead show I had spent most of my $$$ already at the Inn Suites on raw materials -- specifically Ammonites.

I don't have my camera with me and for some reason the computer I am borrowing will not allow me to upload pictures I found on Google, so when I get back home I will upload some of my own photos of these breathtaking fossils.

I also had visited the Arrow Springs tent beforehand and had stocked up on a more than a few bargains of glass rods. Alas, I had no money left to buy what I really wanted and had to settle for a wonderful keepsake from Marsha's table (Marsha Neal Studio -- www.marshanealstudio.com ) and while I fell in absolute love with Joan Miller's vegatable beads (Joan Miller Porcelain -- www.joanmiller.com ), I will have to settle for the privilege of handling them in person (at least for now!).

I also met Deb (Clay River Designs -- www.clayriverdesigns). Wonderful detail work! Also, I met another woman who made beautiful leaf pendants and I regret I have misplaced her card and forgotten her name. I am certain I will find it when I unpack. Her work was gorgess, too.

Too soon the parties I was with decided to head back to New Mexico. Next year I hope to visit the Holodrome as well. I hear there are lots of fun things there.

Friday, January 20, 2006

BOC January Challenge

The Beads of Clay (www.beads-of-clay.org) group I'm a member of has monthly challenges designed to take us out of our comfort zone and experiment with techniques we might have otherwise not tried on our own.

January's challenge was to carve flowers from our beads and this is what I came up with. I love daisies, thus I carved four daisies. My fingers were numb and cramped by the time I finished carving. This took about an hour. I glazed it with Series glaze 2200 and glazed the petals with a matte coral that I particulary enjoy. Then I took a bumpy doodle black and dotted the middle. I had hoped it would stand up a bit more than it does, but the effect of the black with the blackish speckles in the body of the glaze worked even better than I envisioned.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Website Work

In the mornings, I've been re-working the website, trying to add individual beads and catalog everything. I'm trying not to get swamped with the details. I had no idea I had so many beads.

I did get the Series 500 page up. Go Here to view it..

Also new is the side bar. I have added another artist who is using some of my beads in her work. She produces one of a kind original designs with vintage and handmade charms. View her lovely jewelry at: Floradora Charm Bracelets

Also new in my studio: a dehydrator. This will help to dry those beads out faster so that I can get more done at a time. Also in the thrift store where I bought the dehydrator was a very cool pasta machine for a mere $20. So I brought it home and decided to play around with some paper clay I had made up a few weeks back. It took forever to figure out just the right amount of baby powder and olive oil -- but it worked. Makin' Macaronii! Fun times.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Just Beads

This is a set of beads, 10mm (10 in all) that I'm currently offering over at justbeads.com.

To view the item description and to bid, take the following link:


While you are at justbeads.com, take a look at some of the other ceramic beads offered. Many of the ones offered are in the Beads of Clay (BOC) organization I'm also a member of. These are quality artists with quality beads.

For more information on other ceramic bead artists please visit www.beads-of-clay.org.

New Style

This is the new batch that came out of the kiln. As promised, if I liked how they came out, I would post pictures. So here are the pictures.

This is one of my favorites out of the entire batch. Throughout 2006 I will be making this style.