Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Rustique Art

These lovely crosses are from Rustique Art, which highlights some of my own beads. If you have time take the link above and browse through some of the prettiest artwork I've seen showcased on the internet.

Cindi Albright, artist and owner of Rustique Art, specializes in unique, handcrafted Christian gifts, jewelry and wall art, known as Jewelry For Your Home."

Incorporating the art of wire sculpting and wrapping with
beautiful gemstone, glass, crystal, metal beads, vintage jewelry and an occasional piece of discarded treasure, a wall cross of heirloom quality is designed and created.

Every Rustique Art wire cross design is handcrafted.
Machines are not used to bend, twist or shape the wire
crosses including the Barbed Wire Crosses.
Stone wrapped steel crosses are cut using a precision die
cutting process.

Rustique Art Jeweled/Beaded Wall Crosses are unique
because of the different types of wire used. Once the wire is
handcrafted into a cross form, it might be painted, rusted or
remain natural. The design, color pallet, and style is chosen.
Then begins the tedious process of sewing on each bead by
hand. Every cross is unique and will not be duplicated.
Therefore, you are assured that your cross is an original.

If you're an artist who has incorporated some of my beads into your jewelry or artwork, please email me photos and your website. I'd love to showcase it.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Decal Beads

Green Snakeskins

Green Snakeskins, originally uploaded by nkpdesigns.

These are currently up for auction at Just Beads (www.justbeads.com). Go here to bid:


Fresh Out of the Kiln #1

Fresh Out of the Kiln #1, originally uploaded by nkpdesigns.

Here's the new stuff!

Fresh Out of the Kiln #2

Fresh Out of the Kiln #2, originally uploaded by nkpdesigns.

Finally ... it works! When one way doesn't work, try another!

Bead Slideshow

Watch this slideshow to view all my current beads that are for sale. So far all beads are $5 each, except for the decals which are $7. Shipping and handling is free.