Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I got so excited when the doorbell rang this afternoon. The UPS man dropped off my huge box that I ordered early last week: a Mannequin Torso.

I have some beautiful necklaces that I've made from high quality gemstones as well as my own beads, but to sell them they must be well displayed and so far everything I've tried I have not been happy with.

When I was in Manhattan earlier this year I was exploring the fashion district and one of the storefronts had a bunch of different type displays for sale and suddenly I realized, "Yes, a mannequin is exactly what I need". I don't have to explain how long a necklace is or where it will fall on the average busted women because a mannequin says it all.

It is also easy to get the closeups needed to show off the smaller details. Before, that's all I could do, but now the customer can view the bigger picture as well.

This particular necklace is made from lemon quartz nuggets, faceted carnelian, sterling silver bead spacers, and my NKP Teal Blue Textured Rounds.

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