Sunday, July 06, 2008

Red Taos Vessels

I love this Red Taos clay that I buy from Texas Pottery. It is actually an earthenware clay, but unlike earthenware, this clay can be vitrified (matured like glass) without melting or bloating. It is incredible as a finished product and it is like butter to throw. Yummy Yummy Clay.

This design was really fun to do. I took a small string and dipped it into the glaze and laid it onto the pot in what hopefully is an interesting design. The pot itself is unglazed, but it is so smooth and silky. Here is the one side ....

... and here is the other. After the Texas Pottery and Sculpture show on July 10th and 11th (read more about it at HERE),
I plan to take out the 100 + pounds I have of this and really get muddy and do more of this pattern. It's not my official 2008 pattern but it is my 2nd.

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  1. Natalie
    Thanks for sharing your string dipped in glaze idea with us! A very clever idea.