Thursday, December 09, 2010

Show Beads

These are just some of the beads I will be bringing to the 2010 Open House and Christmas Sale show this weekend.  I have some loose beads that I am bringing as well as the Heart and Soul mugs I have been making. To see photos of those, jump over to my flickr page.

I am also bringing whistles, whistles that are in fancy boxes, some that are in porcelain eggs, others in little pinch pots I have made, and some that are free-hanging. I am bringing about 30 whistles in total. I haven't checked the exact figure as of yet.

I will probably bring a few pots as well. If you want more info about the show, all you need to know can be found here: click here

This is the last show I'll be doing this year. I did more shows this year than I have in years past, and enjoyed doing them very much. It is nice to meet customers, although selling online affords lots of chances to get to know customers too.

I have to say that all of my customers have been incredible to get to know, whether online or in person. It means a lot to an artist to have somebody like my work enough to say, "I want that for my very own!" Many times I make something and I am the only one who likes it. It is great though because that means I get to keep and look at it for a long time. However, eventually someone else likes it, usually about the time I'm ready to stop looking at it and look at something else. That's a good thing!

Right now in my pottery etsy store I have marked down quite a bit of merchandise to $10 and under. After December I am going to put them back to their regular prices. With this economy, especially during Christmas, I want people to own a bit of handmade, affordably! These are not pottery which I am ashamed of or do not like, these are items I felt would make great gifts.

I have quite a bit in the $20 and under category too. Go take a look if you have time.


  1. That is one impressive display of handmade beads. Your endless creativity never ceases to impress me. So glad you are making beads.

  2. And I'm so glad you made me smile! Thank you! I just got back from setting up at the sale and you know when you do a sale there is that moment you are not sure how it all looks and whether it is done up nice enough and your comment was perfect at making me feel good about the setup.

    Thanks, Mary!

    P.S. I love your beads, too! :)

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