Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm Back!

Howdy!  I've been 'off' the last couple of weeks. I've updated my main website to include the Artfire bead store.  I also had a few other items to update on the main website and was able to finish everything.  Every link pertaining to my pottery, is found on the main website. Well, almost. I left out some things like Etsylove and other self-marketing sites (like Indiepublic and linkLN)  If you have never looked at my main website, the link is nkpdesigns.com.  

I also updated the banners on all the stores, making everything more uniform. I've added a small watermark with my official business name to photos, etc ... I'm trying to use the same avatar on all  the different sites. In short, my goal is to integrate, integrate, integrate!

Because yes, when I took a look around I thought, "Wow, here's a gal with a teeny inclination toward multiple personalities."  Or rather, it was quite apparent I have no attention span.  It is because I make beads AND pottery AND whistles AND whatever suits my fancy at the time that it makes it difficult to market myself.  More than one artist has told me over the years to make what I love and not to worry about the marketing.  That is what I have tried to do.  I create what I feel like making and if I don't feel like making it, I don't.  I am glad to have that freedom.

Above, in the photo, are some beads I felt like making last night.  They are not quite dry enough to bisque fire.  As you can see I am having a lot of fun poking holes in those beads (poke poke poke).  Is that a teapot bead? Why yes ... should I have made a cup to go with it? Probably. But I didn't feel like it. lol!  Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!   Make something you love today!


  1. I like your new beads, the teapot is really cute. What color will it be? I'll be back see.

  2. Thank you! I think I will glaze it with a clear and fire it again with a low fire colorful decal, reminiscent of chintz ware. However, when the time comes to actually do it there is no telling what I'll end up doing. lol!

    Thanks for asking!