Monday, January 03, 2011

Unfired to Fired

Here are some glazed but unfired ceramic beads.

These beads are covered with small sprigs of clay.  Some have been textured as well. All have all been rubbed in a black underglaze which I then wiped off. This left black glaze in the small recesses of each bead.  I brushed on some Victorian Red Mayco glaze and left them to sit overnight to dry.

That day I put them on rods, fired them in the kiln, and the next morning opened up the kiln.

The great thing about the blog is that the reader gets to see the result immediately but I have to wait 24 hours. Lucky blog reader!

So these are some of the results.  I normally use my photo set up to shoot pics but the pics I shot did not show up the 'shiny' at all on these beads. They looked very matte, and they are not matte.  So I went outside and placed them on top of the kiln top.

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