Sunday, March 13, 2011

Announcing the Winner

Congratulations to my two winners! The random number generator picked #2 and #11.

#2 is RockCreekCreations and #11 is Gbkoru!

(whistles, clapping, fanfare, confetti)

Please send me an email to nkp@nkpdesigns.com and include the address you'd like your beads sent to.

Whilst everyone was blog hopping here I was on a road trip to The Land of the Mouse (Disney Land). I'd never been there before and it sure was fun. We drove all day Sunday and Monday went to the park.

The weather was slightly overcast on the day we went and rain was in the forecast. That must have kept people home because the park was not crowded. We walked right up to rides and had a blast. The most we waited was a mere 20 minutes.

BUT the characters were missing. We saw one character: Goofy. That was it though. The only Disney princesses we spied were little girls in full royal regalia. Adorable!

The rest of the week was spent sightseeing, most notable was my favorite spot: Santa Monica Pier. I rode that fantastic roller coaster! That was probably the best $5 I've spent in a long time. Happy sigh.

I want to share the happy with everyone and am having a 20% off my Bead store this week on Etsy. At checkout, simply enter the following code: bocstudioevent2011

Thanks for stopping by and participating!


  1. Wow, I won! (Doing a happy dance.) Thanks a lot!

  2. Isn't that a great feeling!? I'm happy too! Thanks for participating! :)

  3. Oh Natalie! I wish I had known you were coming,,, I live 15 min. from D-Land. Had not read our blog, I thought you went to D-World. Next time..!

  4. BUT now I know and next time I come through CA, I will let you know ahead of time. I'd love to meet you in person.

    I absolutely love CA and if I could I'd live there. Lucky you!