Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Give Away Beads

These beads are some that I've had in reserve for a while. The largest, the tangerine, is difficult to photograph. It is a bit lighter in color than the photo suggests, but I've combined it with other beads which I think complement it nicely.

Would you like them? If so, please find an item in my NKPBEADS bead store on Etsy and simply link it to your facebook or twitter or blog, or whatever social media you choose, then leave a comment here.

I'm leaving this open for two weeks, then I'll use the random number generator located on the bottom right hand side of this blog and let it pick a winner. Then I'll send these beads to the winner at no cost to them (i.e., free shipping). This is open to those living outside of the USA, too.

Thanks for participating (and the shout outs) and good luck to everyone!


  1. Linked in my Rustique Art fan page.

  2. Tweeted about the Apple Green rounds...yummy!

  3. Cindi! I meant to post last week but got busy! I'm going to put these in the mail to you right away! Enjoy!!!!!