Monday, April 18, 2011

Beads 2011 - My Beads Got Into This Magazine

I have been waiting on eggshells to see if the beads I sent in earlier this year would make it into the 2011 BEADS Buyer's Guide issue and yay ... my beads are on three pages. Oh Happy Day!

I wanted to also put advertising in this issue and I was contacted however I was on my out of town and not able to meet the deadline. Next year for sure.

I scanned the three pages of the magazine and scans are always grainy.  These beads look much better in the magazine.  My beads made it into three sections:

The Floral section (page 17), the Steampunk section (page 48) and the World Beat section (Page 63).

I had a hard time deciding whether to list my beads under my website name (nkpdesigns) or my etsy store bead store name (nkpbeads). In the end, I decided that it was more cohesive to point people to my website and they can easily click on the link to visit the bead store.


  1. Congrats Natalie! Very nice pieces. Nice to see familiar work in magazines. BOC made it big again!

  2. Congrats Natalie! I didn't see you listed on the BOC members page (there are only 38 listed) so I didn't include you in my Clay in Print post about the issue...please sign up so I can keep my eyes peeled for your work in the future! :)

  3. Thanks, Yoli!

    Got it, Mellisa, thanks! :)

  4. Oh this is awesome! But now my secret is out and everyone will want your amazing designs. That is just really stingy of me isn't it...to want to keep your beads all for myself :)