Thursday, July 21, 2011

Back to Normal

Last night I sat on the couch and formed beads for the first time since late April.  I've had the shops shut down for the last couple of months while I've been going through chemotherapy and radiation treatments.  The good news is that I am now cancer free and well on my way to recovering my strength again.

In the meantime, I have really missed working in clay.  I had glazed some beads right before my treatments started and this morning I loaded those beads into my small kiln and they are currently firing. 

 Because I finally have enough strength to stand at the line in the post office to mail international packages, I will be re-opening my etsy stores (both beads and pottery) tomorrow (July 22nd).   Thank you for those who logged onto my facebook page and followed my progress and had so many kind comments, and especially thank you for all of you who have prayed for me and continue to pray for my recovery as well. I could never have gotten through the last couple of months without all your prayers.  It's nice to be getting back to normal. It's great to be back. 


  1. Great to have you back Natalie! and most to hear good news of being cancer free. Missed you and your posts, presence in FB, BOC. Continue to take care of yourself and we'll continue to be positive and pray for you. Hugs!

  2. Thanks!!! :) <>

    It's great to be back!

  3. Natalie, I am just seeing this now! I truly hope you are feeling well and so sweet of you to comment on my blog! Positive vibes and prayers for your continued good health! Judi