Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Coral Swirl Sprig Bead

I am still having fun with this style of bead.  I press a swirl stamp into a round bead and add small sprig bead caps to each end hole.  I rub in an underglaze after its been bisque fired and cover with this Victorian Red glaze by Mayco.  The body of the bead is porcelain and the sprig bead caps are an iron stoneware clay.

This bead is 21 mm from hole to hole and 20 mm at its widest.

I have it in my Draft items to be listed later this week.  I am loving that new Etsy feature. I can get items ready to put online and Etsy has a  folder it stays in until it is time to put it online.  The old way was to save a link to the listing into a text file.  I always lost the text file.  :(


  1. I love your designs. They still make my mouth water. Working with some of you daisy tablets today, cappuccino mint on porcelain :)

  2. I'm so glad to hear that! I love what you do with wire and beads on those crosses!