Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Pots

 Yesterday I sat down to throw on the wheel. I haven't been able to do that since April.  Luckily all my clay had not yet dried out!  I like making this curvy shape and adding small feet. 

A good friend suggested I press words into the rims of some of my pieces, so this I did.  Also, I wanted to get some patterns into these pieces.  So I took a large cap that went on a bottled water and made a circle. Then I pressed a stamp shape into each circle. From the inside, I pressed outward to make a small bubble shape.

Last I took the end of a bamboo skewer and outlined each circle for emphasis.  
 I found an oval shape to use on this form.  I didn't add feet to this one, but I did trim the foot.

There are two things I dislike about pottering.  I dislike having to make certain rims are just so (the right thickness and smoothness) and I dislike trimming.  This is why I oftentimes put feet on my pieces.

My last semester in ceramics my instructor told me I was too advanced to be ignoring the undersides of my pots.  Since then I have been attentive to those areas of my pots.

I like this bowl so far the best.  I think it would hold salsa or dip or a steaming hot chowder.  That reminds me ... I just got back from the Oregon coast and if anybody goes, be sure to eat at Mo's, the original one in Newport is the only one that serves fresh homemade bread with its clam chowder... and it is the best I've ever eaten, next to my mother's of course.

I have two more bowls to add feet to and decorate.  These are bowls I will be donating to Empty Bowls this year.  If you want me to make you one, just leave a message.


  1. oh my heavens those are lovely! Yes the words are wonderful. I hope you do many more of these, I can't decide which one I love most. Okay probably the first one, but I love all three!

  2. Thank you! It felt so good to throw again after not being able to for so long. Wow, my arms are out of shape and still a bit sore. I'm looking forward to getting back in shape.

  3. Fantastic.....you are so very talented. Can't wait for you to show the end results.....might just have to have one if you list them on one of your sites!!!!

  4. Thank you Gerry! I have them in the big kiln today for their bisque fire. I am enjoying making this design of bowls. I'm eager to see if they end up transforming as I continue to make them, you know how that is, you get an idea and change things a bit. On my latest batch I switched typeface to a bigger font for example. Anyway, thanks for your comment and encouragement!