Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Beautiful Necklace

I wanted to share this beautiful necklace made by one of my customers.  She combined a couple of my beads with other beads to make this art jewelry.  The porcelain focal bead with violets is one of my beads, and there is another one of mine that I have spotted ... that bead is in the top right side, the sort of white and with bluish violet at one end.  I think I see another one of mine but I can't be sure its mine so I won't identify it as mine. This is a lovely necklace!


  1. Yes, the third bead is yours too, Natalie. It's a dark purple scroll bead, down in the front near the focal. So a total of three of your beads :)

    My friend loved the necklace when she received it!

  2. Aha! I was right! Thank you, Erika! :) You made my day!