Monday, September 05, 2011

New Bowls

I designed the glaze on this bowl badly. I should have tested it on some beads first. Actually, I think this would be a great glaze combination on some beads, but on the bowl it simply does not work. The bowl is still functional, even with the crawling of the glaze, but most people do not want a crawling glaze inside their bowls.
So what is the glaze combination? Well, the Mayco cone 6 Oatmeal glaze was dried out when I opened it. I added water but perhaps I added too much? When it had dried over a cone 6 turquoise Mayco glaze, it immediately began to flake away. I knew I would have problems even before I put this bowl (and two others like it) in my kiln. I should have washed off the glaze and used something else, but I thought, "Hey, maybe it will look cool.
These aren't big enough to give to Empty Bowls. Nor are they good for selling or giving away as presents. But if I keep them around and use them I'll remember not to apply that particular bottle of oatmeal glaze on anything else besides beads.

The other problem is the oatmeal glaze covered up the turquoise glaze in the letters, so the words are hard to read.

Below are photos of the other bowls with this same problem.


  1. Very nice design for bowl! The bowl itself look vintage, which make it more appealing plus the color used and the texture. Not to mention the inspiring word present there, surely a must-have stuff!

  2. That's so kind of you to say so. Thank you!