Thursday, February 09, 2012

Trumpet Whistle

I've been making whistles all week and playing with making additional holes. I had put the clay up for the day yesterday and I had an idea.  What if I made one big hole and then attached another piece of clay with three differently sized holes. Would it make a fun sound?  Would it make a sound?

Well, it did! It made a most marvelous sound(s).  This prototype has opened up possibilities in my mind that are so exciting.

I started thinking of different ways to arrange the three hole attachment to make it more holdable.  I'll be playing around with this idea a bit more.

I've moved five more of my whistles from my NKPBEADS store to my new NKPWHISTLES store.  I also dropped the price. When I started making whistles, each one took a long time. I've gotten to where I understand the process much better and I can make them in about half the time it used to take. So I'm dropping the price accordingly.  I'm hoping that making them more affordable will make them more desirable.

Thanks for dropping by!