Wednesday, March 07, 2012

New Whistles and Studio Progress

 These all came out of the kiln this morning.  I posted each individual's photo on flickr  (click here) .  Some have two holes, some have one hole, but most are single tone whistles.

I still have about 20 more to glaze and fire.  My next batch will be a bit bigger I think. I don't know. I still may change my mind and make more of these. They are fun to make.
Yesterday I posted a photo of my empty shelves.  Today I am showing a picture of the same shelves. I bought 30 clear shoebox size containers and I filled every single one up. I actually have to go buy more! 

I still have to clean off the top shelf, but it is a good feeling to have this small part finished.  I have a lot of glazes, yes?  And I have lots of chemicals to make more glazes.  I like glazes. Can you tell?

I have one section of this shelf system full of nothing but bisque beads ready to be glazed.  I actually have some more containers to add to this shelf but one can only do so much in one day!  I hope to tackle the long wall part of my shelves today.  That will require a trip to the store to buy more containers.  My goal is to finish this reorganization project by Friday.


  1. Those whistles are absolutely fantastic...the colors and designs are really nice too! The storage looks great, I am trying to organize today as I clean up the mess I made last week! Kiln is firing as we speak so tomorrow I should have new pics too!

    1. Thanks! I will have to hop over to your blog and see if you have pics up yet.

      I did finish cleaning but it was late Friday night when I finished. I'm loving the reorganization. I'm going to keep it organized from now on. (famous last words? ha ha!)