Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Dashing Along

I'm just dashing up a quick blog post to let everyone know what I've been doing.  I've been trying to organize my studio. 

If I wasn't so vain, I would post my before pictures.  Just trust me. It's awful in there.
Here is what the shelving looked like when I first built them a few years ago. Imagine them now, stuffed full of everything fun, fun but unorganized fun.  It is the type of fun that falls over if not handled correctly and trust me, that's no fun at all!

I have this great space and I have let it get way too cluttered to the point where I have to bring my projects out to the other room just to get anything done.  Enough!

A couple of weeks ago, when I went enameling at my friend's house, I fell in love with her studio. It is camera ready, and by that I mean a television studio could walk in and film her and they wouldn't have to straighten anything up to get a good shot.  I may never have a 'camera ready' studio, but I could definitely organize things into a great fun space to work that is also a bit decorative, that I actually have space in which to move around.

In the meantime, I do have a small kiln load of 18 whistles firing today outside.  I have two trimmed mugs with handles attached drying. I will take them to the college on Saturday to be bisque fired.  I have beads set out to start taking pictures tomorrow.  I have metal forming tools burning a hole in my studio dying to be used.  First things first though ....

Thanks for stopping by!

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