Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sheet Metal Rings

These are the rings I soldered out of sheet metal and copper tubing.  I set them in this log of clay in order to pour resin in the bezels.

If you look closely you can see pieces of tape that should have stopped up the resin.  However, the resin dripped right through the tape and puddled all over the rings. It was a disaster.  But like all experiments it had its merits. After I finished I thought to myself, "Now why didn't I just take polymer clay and stuff the holes and bake these things in the oven?  Yeah, that's what I will eventually do after I clean up the drippy resin that is all over these rings.  They also need to be polished and shined up.  First things first. 

I learned a lot about soldering with these rings though.  I am not fooling myself. I know they are ugly, but they are mine, therefore I am proud of them. lol!

Thanks for stopping by! -- Natalie 


  1. Yay.......Im sure those will turn out just great ! do not give up..and Im really looking forward to see how they will look when finished..:)

  2. If you wanted to try the resin again, I read somewhere that you can use Silly Putty as a dam. Maybe if you made a Silly Putty "worm," wrapped it around the base and squished it in to seal?