Friday, June 01, 2012

What's She Doing?

I'm taking a ceramics class at the local college again. Yay.  This week I made 13 mugs and none of them look alike.  This is my favorite so far. 

It is wheel thrown, the foot trimmed by hand, stamped with all sorts of textures and shapes, and then I applied a handle.

I am going to rub underglaze into this after it is bisque fired and apply a transparent glaze over it. No, I'm not sure what colors it will be.

I'm doing these mugs for a fundraiser my son is doing for himself. He had $12,000 in doctor bills because of a cancerous mole. If he had it checked a year ago it wouldn't have cost more than about $300. 

This is to urge anyone who has a suspicious mole to get it checked out before it A. Spreads or B. You have to have minor surgery and get your lymphnodes checked -- especially if you don't have insurance. 

My son is fine by the way. The cancer didn't spread into his lymphnodes. 


  1. That is a gorgeous mug. Love how the handle sort of spreads down into "feet". And, as I have already told you before, I'm so thankful your son is fine.

    1. You know how much I love your designs, this one is no different. I'm ready to buy! When will be they be for sale. Even more wonderful is knowing that when I buy one, I will be helping your son.

      Praises go up that he is okay, sorry to hear about the medical bills, but you know what that say..."it takes a village". This will be a great way to help him out. I pray that he continues to stay healthy.

  2. What a beautiful mug, Natalie! I love this design! I always love pottery mugs--they give me a good excuse to have cool, unmatching cups! :-) Why have a set all alike when I can have numerous unique ones! That's the way my mind thinks, anyway! ha!

    Sorry to hear about your son's surgery, but SO VERY glad to hear things have turned out well for him. What a relief that must be!