Monday, January 19, 2009

Handmade Textured Porcelain Wrapped Beads (and a couple of other techniques too)

I've taken a few days off blogging to rejuvenate and that's been worthwhile. I have been wanting to do some radically different (for me) beads lately and taking quiet time to just play around with small bits of clay has helped me to do that (I think).

I went looking online for some texture ideas and one of the best places for me to find inspiration is antique buttons. I found some that I liked that looked kinda like, but not exactly, like this one near the bottom. I took the reverse image of it to come up with the press mold (the two near the top).

So here are a few that are now drying. I will try to glaze these with the types of glazes which will bring out the texture.

I would like to make more textures for beads like these. It was an interesting and fun process to bring these together.

I've been having fun sprigging clay onto bead forms and these were my latest experiments (photo to the right). With the first set beads I got to thinking about rivets and how copper metal rivets in sterling silver bead is just SO beautiful. I got to wondering how I could imitate such a look in clay. So that's the thought process that went behind these stoneware beads with the turquoise blue 'rivets'.

With these next beads (the bottom photo), I got to thinking how wonderful wire wrapped beads are and thought, "I wonder what would happen if I made an irregular shaped porcelain bead and textured it and then wrapped a coil of colored porcelain clay around it?"

I'm hoping these styles will look terrific with a simple clear gloss glaze.

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