Tuesday, March 17, 2009

One on top of Another

Yesterday I decided to throw a few pots and stack them one on top of another to see what would happen. These are all about 7-9 inches tall and 5-7 inches wide. Only one has a bottom. The others are thrown hollow.

The top right is the pot with the bottom. My idea was to end up with a tall container that could store water on my kitchen counter. The spout would be 1/3 of the way up.

I stacked them together, scoring and slipping and adding coils. I attached a bottom to one of the hollows and cut off the 'bottom' of another to use as a lid. I also added a flange inside of the lid, too.

It was all a bit too narrow and straight so I put it on the wheel and tried to shape it a bit, but it was too jiggly. So while I waited for it to firm up a bit, I took a small spiral ceramic stamp and began stamping for texture.

After it was stamped (and it took a LONG time to stamp all these coils individually), the piece was firm enough to turn on the wheel and shape with a rib. The stamping helped compress the clay quite a bit, too.

Now I have to think about where to put the hole for the water spout. Is it even called a spout?

Hmmmm... Maybe tomorrow I'll put nice round fat feet it on it.

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