Thursday, December 17, 2009

Back in the Studio with cone 5 clay

I got on the wheel yesterday with one of my favorite clays from Texas Pottery, it's a cone 5 red stoneware clay that does vitrify without bloating, called Red Taos. It's yummy to work with, no grog, and reminds me of porcelain. It wedges nicely, throws nicely, and is very plastic.

I decided to take some Laguna Frost, cone 5 also, and make a slip to use for decorating. I got a hake brush and dipped it into the slip and let the wheel turn until each piece was fairly well coated. I cut each piece off the wheel, but touching was a no no until each piece became almost leather hard.

However, even after each piece was leather hard, and even though I tried my best not to smudge the slip, alas .... my fingermarks are everywhere. If you click on each of these photos, you can get a bigger image and you can clear see my fingermarks. This is what pottery does to me: it makes me crazy! All day long I'm going to be trying to figure out how to hold these in my hands long enough to add a handle or add more sprigs without ruining the lovely look of the slip.

I'm not a complete stranger to this technique. I did this same thing last year to this mug in this photo. I liked how it came out, but now that I want to alter it, I'm going to have to think about this some more if I want to make each piece completely unique. I'm going to take this mug, the glazed one, and add some laser decals to it and see how that shows up. Maybe I could play with these some and make some earthy "In The Garden" series from Red Taos instead of porcelain like I have been doing.

Just more things to think about. :) It's all good.

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