Saturday, May 22, 2010

Backyard Clay

I have gardened many years and many times scraped mud off my shoes, amazed at its tenacity to cling to the bottoms, but the other day was the first day I thought to squish and roll it up in my hands.

I suppose its because I read Marsha Hedrick's account of the wild clay she's been harvesting near her house that nudged me to try this. I pierced this, left it to dry, and bisque fired it. This is how it came out of the kiln. It probably is low fire, but I'm going to try to fire it to cone 6 and see how it does. It was pitch black when it was wet. But it is reddish brown now. I'll coat with a clear gloss glaze and see how it does.


  1. On the hunt now in my backyard!
    How fun, can't wait for the end result.

  2. You have to blog about it! I have some clay from my college that I still need to blog about. Or have I already? I will check ...

    Bah my short term memory!