Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Simple Bead

This is a simple stoneware bead I rolled on a stamp and applied underglaze on.  It looks almost black but it's actually a dark green. It is covered with a clear gloss glaze and has been fired to cone 1.

It is a simple bead which has been simply made.  Look how the underglaze shows up the small crevices and patterns of the intricate stamp.


  1. Nice bead! I also like the two beads on previous post. How do you get the tiny decals on that? I did decals yesterday, and a few beads were a pain!

  2. Thanks, Yoli! :)

    I have struggled with that myself. What seems to work most of the time is to warm the bead in my hands before applying the decal. Also, I very quickly dip the decal in warm water. I don't let it sit at all in the water. I let the paper soften off the back as they sit on the paper towel.

    I hold them between my thumb and forefinger and they slide off the paper. I apply them with my thumb.

    I am excited to see how yours once they come out of the kiln.