Saturday, January 07, 2012

What About Those Beads?

... in case you are wondering ... I have been renewing 4-5 expired bead listings daily (deja vu) whilst I take pictures of pottery for my pottery etsy store.

The hardware lights are covered with a piece of paper and sport sunlight natural bulbs to keep the color true.  They are pointed upward and the light bounces up and off of the piece of white foamboard which is carefully balanced on stacks of books.

If I pointed the light directly at the pottery, it would reflect two eyeballs staring back at me.   A bit creepy?  I think so! 

The background was bought from B&H . It is actually taped to the curtain to keep it from slumping. Yes taped.  I am resourcefully determined.  The piece of white foam board which is sitting on top of the books was bought at the dollar store.  I turn off all the lights in the room and shoot with my macro lens on the camera, no flash.  Other than to sharpen the image with picasa, no other photo editing manipulation is needed.

I think I will only need another week to finish this process up. I fired two loads of beads in my big kiln in December. The result is that I have an entire ziplock bag (large) of new beads that need photographing as well (they're so shiny and pretty!).  The sooner I get finished with this the sooner I can get busy with that.

Oh, in case you are wondering, that bright pink thing beside the light is my umbrella. It is placed there to keep the light from rolling.  Whatever works, right?  LOL!


  1. Love your indoor photo set up. And that bowl is gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing the beads. You are always so inventive!!

  2. love it! your set up is functional and it creates amazing photos. i didn't find your exact background on the B&H site. could you share the item number with me?

  3. Thanks, Mary!

    Cindi, try this link or search their site for "graduated backgrounds"

    I got the "Thunder Gray", it goes from white to black.

  4. What a great set up. It does make your photographs look very professional. Your pottery is beautiful.