Friday, January 20, 2012

Blue Jean Beads

I used a blue glaze on these and they remind me of the same color as my favorite blue jeans.

Sprigs have been added to each round bead and textured in this geometrical pattern.

I am feeling incredibly indecisive today. I can't decide whether to sell these individually, by pairs, or lump the entire batch into a single listing with the Caption: WHILE SUPPLIES LAST and sell them one by one or in groups as specified by the interested customer.

Any suggestions?  Oh, these are about 14-15 mm.


  1. Love those Sprigs and blue jean color!!

  2. I think you should sell them all together to me. lol Problem solved.

  3. What beautiful beads, Natalie!

  4. I like to sell beads in groups of 4 or 6. Sometimes I add more or less based on size and price. You might want to then say that you will receive beads like the ones picked and then re-list when they go. I like the "copy" feature on Etsy. You can copy and keep them in a more recent listing when you need to. Does that make sense? Those are terrific!!

    1. It does make sense. I am going to try to make more listings like the ones you've described. Thanks, MaryAnn!