Thursday, January 19, 2012

Newbies from the Kiln

 The next few days I will be showcasing some beads I have taken out of the kiln the last few weeks. I've been negligent about getting them online and in my store, but I'm trying to rectify that somewhat. 

I have been sorting through some of my bisque beads the last few weeks as I have been glazing and I found this adorable piggy head in the bottom of a bowl that was stashed high up on my bisque bead shelves (yes, shelves).

So I glazed him in a clear gloss glaze and included him in one of the recent firings.
He's a cute little piggy.  Apparently the brown stoneware clay I used had some white clay in it, making for an unique ear.

I wish I could sculpt at will but that just doesn't happen for me. I will have a bit of clay in my hands and decide to sculpt something and pphhhbbbb nothing happens.

Other times, I am able to make something like this piggy head.  Voila!

The hole is going through the top of his head to the bottom of his head.


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  2. Oops, I deleted the comment above because I posted it before I was done.

    Natalie, sweetheart, never, never, never ever under any circumstances do you admit that you are negligent - not under any circumstances.

    Now, what I said before, I love that piggie.

  3. Thanks all!

    Jean, that is incredibly valuable advice. I will take it to heart! Lol!