Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More Beads?

I love making beads.  It is relaxing to sit with clay in a bag on my lap and create.  I wish I loved the act of brushing on the glaze as much as I like the clay in my hands.  I love opening up the kiln full of glazed beads, though.  I will try to concentrate on that as I begin the process of glazing these newbies.


  1. What a great looking pot of beads. I don't know how many are in there, but it looks like thousands. I would think the task of glazing all of those would be a bit overwhelming. But, I also realize that when you face a task that seems overwhelming you have to approach it one thing at a time; in this case, one bead at a time. I wish I could help you. I think that glazing is something I would enjoy.

  2. Thanks, Jean! That's what I need to do, find others in the area and have a glazing party. I have a hard time doing something repetitive. That's why I make small batches of beads in a certain design or shape -- I just don't have the attention span. I have been trying to combine activities like listening to an audio book when glazing. That helps. But I have an awful lot of bisque beads that need glazing... this bowl is just the tip of the iceburg.

    If you lived here, I'd love for you to come and glaze with me. That would be fun. Your comment about how many were in the bowl got me wondering too.
    As I sorted them into little baggiesm I kept a running list. Every time I counted 10, I would make a line mark on a piece of paper. There were exactly 541 of them, but I ended up with 540 because I forgot to poke a stringing hole in one. lol!