Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm Back

I've had the store shut down for a few weeks. At first I shut it down because of the Swine Flu scare. Nobody knew at first how severe it would be and I figured with all the cases showing up in Texas that it might be good to help limit exposure. Of course now we know the virus was mild in the USA and all that good stuff, but then we didn't know.

About the same time my husband was called out of town on business to sunny CA and I jumped at the chance to accompany him and explore the Pasadena area for a few weeks. Now I'm back but only for a few days because he has to leave again and I enjoyed exploring the area and of course the beaches are such a treat.

I've popped into as many bead stores in the area as I've found and found one thing missing: CERAMIC BEADS! There are plenty of charms and gemstones and silver, but the only ceramic beads I've found are also plentiful at Walmart. On one hand I was sad because I was hoping to find some interesting bead artists, on the other hand I was thrilled because it means that all of the ceramic bead artists in the Beads of Clay yahoo group and others are really supplying an important need here online.

It's all good! Anyway, sorry no photos today. I will be starting the kiln for the few days I'm home but don't think I'll get anything new online before it's time to leave again. I think I'm going to take a small chunk of clay with me and a couple of wooden Popsicle sticks and sculpt some bead animals and clay whistles in my spare time. I think if they are small enough that they will travel well as greenware. We'll see.

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