Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In Today's Kiln

The other day I was watching television and a commercial about mayonnaise came on. It featured olive oil instead of regular oil as one of the ingredients and it showed an olive shape with black and white cow pattern markings. It captured my attention and I thought ... oh I have to make a bead with cow markings.

As I was applying on the black underglaze I thought to myself, "Now what woman would want a cow bead? Probably not many ...." But I really liked the pattern and I thought I would fill in the white with a pink gloss glaze. So that's what I have here cooking in the kiln today. This is what it looks like glazed but unfired. The black underglaze will not be shiny or glossy, but the pink will be both. I am eager to look in the kiln tomorrow.

Also in the kiln are some of these homemade decal ceramic beads. I drew the daisies, altered the fractals and some other patterns that I had scanned into my comptuter, and I hope these turn out well. Yesterday some of my earlier decal bead efforts were featured in the Beads of Clay blog along with two other bead artists whose work I admire greatly. It was an honor to be included.

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