Monday, January 25, 2010

The New Year

It's back to Ceramics class again.  This semester I am going to be focusing on throwing larger, concentrating on pulling up all that extra clay.  Last semester I focused on form.  So hopefully once I get all that clay from the bottom to the top, the form will take care of itself.

Also, I'm learning how to work with GIMP. I have a very old edition of Paint Shop Pro (version 5) that has served me well over the years.  However, when the time comes to upgrade this computer, which should be sometime this year, all the software will have to be 64 bit and PSP is 32 bit.  GIMP is open source and PSP is a pretty penny. Plus, I would have to learn PSP from the bottom as well. So when one can, one goes with free.  Here's what I drew with the help of a GIMP tutorial and a Bamboo tablet:

The interface on GIMP is vastly different than on PSP. I spend a lot of time googling what are probably easy to follow directions, for everyone that is but myself.  I have a hard time following directions, especially written ones.

Also over the Christmas break I made about 20 palm sized whistles. They are bisque firing today in the smaller kiln.  I also have a new listing in the bead store.  I guess it's official. The new year has begun.


  1. ahhh...GIMP! A topic of conversation in our home just last week. Oldest daughter claims it is wonderful and says it's is her go to site for creating her banners and buttons.

    Although, like most things I do, I jump in get it set up and let it stew inside my head for a time and then go gang busters. I finding this to be a pattern. Alas...maybe that is the way I was created and I'm just figuring that out.

    So, I think that I will go revisit my "already downloaded and patiently waiting" GIMP program and see what oldest daughter and creative friend (miss natalie) are raving over. I just love the "free" part of it so far! :)


  2. I'm finally past the hardest part: learning the interface (or most of it at least) ... I think it is one of those stick with it type things. I'm on page 140 of the 540 page manual (Beginning Gimp), and it was written for gimp 2.4 and now gimp is 2.6 so some of Gimp is vastly different from the manual.

    I made some 'paintbrushes' yesterday out of some drawn daisies and that was great fun.

    Have fun!