Thursday, June 17, 2010

Designer Interview: Rustique Art

Cindi is the owner of a Christian based company featuring crosses as gifts, home accents, accessories and jewelery. Each design is handcrafted from start to finish, beginning with the wire that is used to make the cross form, adding any paint or finishes to the cross before hand sewing the beads on with wire.

I first met Cindi several years ago when she bought some beads from me at a show. Since then she has continued to incorporate my handmade daisy porcelain and stoneware beads into her designs.  She also incorporats the art of wire sculpting and wrapping with beautiful gemstones, glass, crystal, metal beads, vintage jewelry and an occasional piece of discarded treasure. Thus, a wall cross of heirloom quality is designed and created.  I have asked Cindi to tell us a bit about herself.   

Cindi, did you always know you were an artist?   Funny...I don't consider myself an artist, but a designer.  Is that the same...I wonder.  I have always enjoyed making things, using my hands, designing, dreaming and yearning for the talent of a artist. 

I definitely think designers and artists are cut from the same cloth.  Plus, there is no doubt in our minds that you are an artist, very talented and creative. What inspires you? Where do your ideas come from? I am inspired by many things. People inspire me through their writing and photography. The Bible inspires me for obvious reasons. Music can even inspire me on certain days. My ideas come from the same places, nature plays a huge role as I will often use colors from nature when designing a cross. Many times a pictorial in a magazine gives me a beginning to my designs.

No wonder so many are drawn to your crosses.  What materials do you enjoy working with the most and why? Wire and beads. Wire because it is so functional. You can bend it, shape it and make any shape you want. Beads because they are to me what oils are to an artist with a blank canvas. So you could say that the wire, once formed is my canvas and the beads are my paint. Gemstones, rocks, ceramic, clay, metal, glass, wood, bone...my only rule is no plastic beads. Texture, shape and luster play a big role in my bead selections. I am very picky.

I think all artists are picky and that's a good thing.  What do you find the most rewarding about being an artist? That is changing daily. But I've always desired my designs to glorify God. The finished design is very rewarding, especially if I think that I have captured the inspiration that the design was based on.

Please describe what are you currently working on. Right now I'm in the midst of transition...not working on any particular design, just playing with some ideas. I have a couple of crosses almost completed and many ideas floating around in my head.

Do you work in other mediums? I will sometimes use paint in my designs...I've used leather, feathers. I do work with steel crosses and wrap those with beads.

Can you share any words of wisdom for a beginning artist? Do what you love to do. Don't try to copy someone else, even though you might love their work, it's theirs and they created it....maybe that's what draws you to it. But it won't be the same if you try to make what they have made. Don't create for other people, create for you. In other words don't try to make what you think others will like. Just do what you love to do and allow the creative energy to flow. If you are a artist with a background of faith...I encourage you to pray about each thing you make. Don't be afraid to try new techniques and experiment a lot. Many will flop, but many other ideas can come out of a mistake or failure. Always be aware of how much time you are devoting to your art....I believe God and family comes first.

Most definitely!  Thanks Cindi!

To order custom designs visit Cindi's website website (www.rustiqueart.com) and to buy finished designs visit her here:  www.rustiqueart.etsy.com.

To view more of Cindi's designs, check out her Flickr page.

For fun and networking: Join her Facebook Fanpage .  Follow her on Twitter as well.

She also blogs too! Business and task oriented: www.rustiqueartblog.com and personal reflections: www.rustiqueart.blogspot.com.

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