Friday, June 18, 2010

Same Glaze, different clay

In a post earlier this week I shared a clear Cone 1 Once Fire glaze recipe. I wanted to also share my results of adding about 2 grams of light rutile to the mix.  This first picture is a sprig bead that is made out of Red Toas Stoneware clay from Texas Pottery. It matures at cone 5. I fired this clay to cone 1.  Notice how the rutile turned lavender and pooled nicely around the sprigs.

Here is the same glaze, applied the same way, and fired to the same temperature.  These are tablet beads which I imprinted with a flower stamp I created from a vintage button.  The clay is Frost and it also matures at cone 5.  Here there is not a hint of lavender, but it did give it this slightly lovely yellow cast where the glaze settled.  Any glaze chemistry experts reading this who know why I got such different results? I would love to know why. I am guessing that perhaps the lavender is of such an insignificant amount that it cannot be seen against the whiteness of the clay. Any ideas?

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