Thursday, November 03, 2011

Latest Firing

 These are what came out of the small kiln this morning.  These beads are all fired to cone 1 and have a black underglaze in the recesses.  Yesterday morning I had to rescue them from the big kiln.

The night before I discovered the element coils in the big kiln had burnt out and were not glowing at all.  It still had about two more hours to fire.  The bottom set of element coils were glowing brightly, but not the top.  I know from previous experience that the kiln was not going to go to temperature.  So I shut it off.

In the morning I loaded these beads into the small bead kiln and this is how they turned out. 


  1. I LOVE those and what great colors for Fall and Winter designs!

  2. when will list these so I can buy them :) Seriously, I want to buy them. I'm in love!

    Let me know if and when these will be available for purchase.