Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New From the Kiln

I took these out of the kiln this morning and even have them listed already (http://nkpbeads.etsy.com).  Look in the Sprig section if you're reading this a few days after I publish this post.

Yesterday I glazed about 10 whistles and handpainted some stamped beads so that the stamped part was a different color than the rest of the bead. It was very tedious but I was in the mood to do something tedious so it was a perfect way to spend the day. And it did take all day. I'm a slow glazer.  They are all in the kiln today and I have just turned them on high. They should finish firing in a couple of hours.

Today I unloaded the kiln and I was happy with these but I have some other beads that I'm disgusted with and I'm going to reglaze them. I've often said beads are like children, that neither can ever be ugly but I'm rethinking that. These beads are very ugly!  Ick!  That particular blue green glaze comes out shiny on one side and matte on the other and it is a dark glaze and it looks like an acrylic finish instead of a glaze finish.  I will reglaze them.  They are so ugly I can't even bear to take their photo. You'll just have to believe me. They are ugly.

I spent the better part of the morning watching how to videos from Art Jewelry Magazine on You Tube on how to make a bezel for a cabochon.  It was a 5 part series, each one about 4 minutes long. Great series!  Now I get to try it on my own. We'll see how THAT goes.  ;)

I hope whoever is reading this is having a great day!  And thanks for stopping by!


  1. Well, these beads are very pretty. As for children - believe me, there are ugly children -- and I mean ugly. I know 'cuz I've seen 'em.

  2. Nice beads! Look so tribal and exotic.