Friday, March 16, 2012

Something Fun to Show You - Micaceous Clay

I had to use Google to see how to spell 'micaceous'.  I often wonder what the Google spy/advertising staff thinks of me and my weird inquiries because I often use Google to double check my spelling.

My ceramics instructor this semester brought some micaceous clay to class that she had bought in Albuquerque, NM  earlier this year. She gave me some and told me to have fun. So I made this bead. I fired it to cone 06. I applied a clear glaze and refired to cone 05.

Do you see the golden glitter flakes?  I want to see what these look like with a transparent blue or green, or even yellow and pink.

Thanks, Jackie!  I'll go in halves with you next time you visit New Mexico.


  1. Natalie, that looks like some really cool clay. Just make sure your husband doesn't turn up missing or dead -- you know the first thing they will do is run your searches to see what you've been up to. lol