Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dark Pink Lined Nuggets

Earlier this spring, I got a bit obsessed with lines and using the top of a water bottle to roll over my beads (go check out a water bottle lid and the lines on it).  I rolled and rolled and rolled some more. It was a lot of fun.   Then last week I was finally able to glaze and fire these. I have more that I hope to list. If you want some just let me know and I can either list them on Etsy special for you or on my website.  I have a few of the larger and a few of the smaller.  I can mix or not.  Just send me an Etsy convo or leave a comment here.  In the meantime, these in this picture are listed right now on Etsy. I have some that are a violet-green too, but I plan to list those tomorrow.  They have an underglaze of pink with an overglaze of a pastel green. They are lovely.

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