Monday, May 12, 2008

Child-Sized Tea Pot or Spice Pot

This cute child-sized teapot could be used as a salt or pepper or sugar or other much used spices pour. The spout drips a tiny bit so water or honey or cream would probably not be the best option.

I fashioned it after watching these videos on You Tube. These are a blast to watch and if you have time, watch them.


Mr. Choo charges hundreds of dollars for his small teapots. But he is a master and I am learner. So my teapots are considerably less and definitely not as well made. Sorry. Someday. Baby steps.

I threw this on the pottery wheel and hand-formed the spout, top, and handle. The removable top had stilt-marks which I sanded down.

I consider this a second and so I am pricing for half of what I would if I had not had to sand down those stilt marks.

This is dishwasher and microwave safe.Lead free glazes were used. Holds approx. 2 ounces. 3 1/2" tall. Go have a look at it here.


  1. Natalie
    Love your blue glaze. Did you use ilumnite? (A speller, i am not. And my computer has a nasty habit of shutting off if i leave it to go check the spelling !!!)
    Your teapot sure is lovely!

  2. It's a commercial cone 6 glaze from Galaxy (Speckled Bayou Blue).

    Thanks for the compliment on the teapot. It was sure fun to make!