Monday, May 19, 2008

The latest ....

Major Bummer ... I sold this mug over the weekend only to break it as I was about to wrap it up. The handle broke off. I was just heartsick. It is really a lovely mug and I don't have another like it. Better it happen here than in transit! The customer was just fabulous about it though and I'm so grateful!

Thursday my big kiln had a coil blow-out. I spent Sunday replacing all the elements as well as the connectors. We plugged it back in and the switch seems to be out as well. So I'll be replacing that later this week. Then I should have flawless firings for at least a year.

My other test kiln is in the shop because it won't go past cone 06. I'd like it to at least hit 04! I have replaced the coils and the relay. I don't know what is going on with that. Worst case senario is that I could end up just using it for bisque firings. So at least it is usable.

I did buy another small kiln a couple of weeks ago and so I am not kiln-less. Plus, I have that big one that was gifted to me by a pottery friend who moved to Albuquerque and if I would just get that one running, that would be fantastic!!! It is a 34 amp though and my other big one is a 21 amp and hubby doesn't think our dryer socket can handle the extra amp-age and I'm not quite ready to risk the pottery for the house catching on fire -- so maybe I'll turn it into a cone 10 gas kiln WHOOOSH.... that would be fun!

The BEST news though is that I have finally figured out the decal's firing temperature: Cone 06 is too low. Cone 6 is too high. I think I've hit the mark on Cone 04 though. I'm finally going to be able to do something fun with those and that's exciting.

I bought 50 lbs of Laguna Frost clay on Thursday and it is still hard as a rock after sitting in water for three days. I've moved it to a bigger tub so that it can lay on its side. I am waiting for Alan at Texas Pottery and Clay Supply to make more of his yummy Red Taos clay. I'm planning on buying at least 200 lbs. I do have 50lbs of that left, though ... but I love that clay and I don't want to run out. I have 75lbs of some wonderful brown Buffalo Wallow and I have an awful lot of various reclaim clay, but I'm tired of the reclaim, also known as sludge.

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