Thursday, May 22, 2008

EMT Challenge: May 25- June 1

● ▪ MUDDY-SUDS SPRING CHALLENGE and RAFFLE - May 25 through June 1 ▪ ● ▪

Please Join the Etsy Mud Team and the Etsy Green and Clean Guild for our “Spring Themed” dual challenge and raffle. Participants from both teams will choose a word from the list below and create an item that reminds them of or evokes the feeling of that word. Mud Team members will create a soap dish or dispenser, EGCG members will create bar or liquid soap.

Green * Rain * Fresh * Floral * Vibrant * Sprout * Eggs/Babies/Birth * Garden * Sunny/Warmth

Please visit the Etsy Mud Team webite – http://etsymudteam.craft-sense.com – to view all entries and vote for your favorite soap and soap dish or dispenser. Raffle prizes are displayed on our website, as well. Hurry – you don’t want to miss the fun or the chance to win a FREE prize!

▪ ● ▪ No purchase necessary ▪ ● ▪ Void where prohibited ▪ ● ▪ Open to US residents only ▪ ● ▪

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