Thursday, January 22, 2015

Coral Red Sun Flowers

Coral Red Sun Flowers
These five beads are a lovely set that I've renewed over on Etsy.  One bead is slightly larger than the rest, it is 20  mm and the smaller ones are 15 mm. 

These are perfect for a rustic boho design, the larger one and two of the smaller could be used in a necklace and the other two 15 mm beads could be used as an earing set. There are lots of possiblities.

I got to thinking about what kinds of translucent gemstones might look good with these beads and came up with peridot or maybe tanzanite or blue lolite.  '

Gotta love PicMonkey ... it makes it easy to see if something like either of these combinations play nicely together.

I think I prefer the green over the blue.  Any ideas? Love to hear them.

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