Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Stoneware Leaf Blues Ceramic Beads

Stoneware Leaf Blues Ceramic Beads

These are semi-round beads with leaf impressions. I say 'semi-round' because I roll each individually in the palms of my hands.

These are 15-16 mm with 2 mm stringing holes are are available on my website.

Today I have another load of beads in the smaller kiln. I'm in good shape glazing lately. I spent most of December forming beads (like these in the picture) and now I seem to be spending all my free time glazing.

When I enjoy it, it sure is fun. When I'm not in the mood it is sheer torture. Good thing I'm in the mood to be glazing.  I think what is making the difference is that I took the time about a week ago to re-hydrate all my glazes. Now when I go searching for a particular color I do not have to stop and add water and stir, or choose a different color.  I don't have to wait overnight or a couple of days for the water to soak in enough to be able to glaze with it.  It's wonderful to simply choose, open, and use my choice of glaze the first time.

I hope it is warm where you are (it's cold here, even my hens are not wandering far from the heating lamp in the covered part of their coop).

Thanks for dropping by!

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