Thursday, January 15, 2015

Elephants, Bunnies, and Long Ear Mice

It is going to be in the low 50s today and I'm so glad. It has been bitterly cold the last week and I'm tired of my fingers and toes being perpetually cold. It makes it difficult to glaze with my fingers, but still, I am glazing.

Along with the Elephants, Bunnies, and Long Ear Mice (in the title), I am also glazing piggies and a 'Bigh Bahd Wolffff'.  That's how my granddaughter says "Big Bad Wolf" she puts some air in each word, probably to emphasize her favorite part of the story, the huffing and the puffing.

These are all going into the smaller kiln today.  A few weeks ago I got into a roll of making smaller sculpture beads of little animal friends and now I have glazed them. The elephant is a light gray, the bunnies are either white or pink, and some have daisies impressed into their bodies (not shown). Leaning to the right is the 'bigh bahd wolffff'.  The long ear mouse is also white.

Beads always look very different after they are glazed and before they are fired.   Check back tomorrow to see the end result and thanks for reading! -- Natalie

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