Saturday, April 26, 2008

Blowing In The Wind

Here are the enclosed round forms that I threw on the wheel a few days back. It amazes me that with a few additions a whistle can be made in which one can blow in the wind and noise comes out. I may not have been so fascinated with these when my children were small and just as noisy. They would have delighted in tooting on these all day until my ears felt as though they were being stabbed by small knives .... but my children are grown and I can send them home with one to toot if they are still inclined to make noise.

I admit that this is fairly simplistic with applications of swirled textured hearts, but I like it for just that reason. Who doesn't love something (or somebody) with lots of heart?

This was an attempt to carve the clay a bit. I'm thinking of a nice drippy glaze that will break nicely over the folds. Any suggestions?

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